Key tips for data response

  1. Make sure you do actually refer to the data – this type of question is not just about theory, but testing your ability to process data quickly, and then use it to answer the trigger question.
  2. However, do not simply repeat the data, without any analysis or evaluation.
  3. Data response questions will test all assessment objectives, so, as well as use the data, be sure to demonstrate sound knowledge, through short and clear definitions, show that you can analysis the data, often with the help of a diagram, and that you can make reasoned evaluations. Typical evaluative points for data questions including recognising that the data you are presented with is only (perhaps) a small part of all the data you would need to make a full assessment.
  4. Also, how up-to-date is the data – has the trend shown in the data now changed?
  5. The data you are provided with is best seen as evidence of some form of economic problem, or the effects of some form of policy intervention. Think of possible causes of the trends you see, using the appropriate economic theory.