The long tail


Gender pay gap

80% of UK companies and public sectors organisations pay women less than men.

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The long tail - definition

The theory of the Long Tail* suggests that new technology, including the rapid growth of online shopping, has reduced barriers to entry for many firms selling products to niche markets.

These products are unlikely to command shop space in traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers. Lower production and distribution costs means that many products may have a very low break-even quantity, which does not deter specialist online retailers with 'infinite' storage space, and which has created the so-called long tail of smaller, specialist retailers.

*Chris Anderson, C. (2006).The Long Tail. Hyperion.

WTO rules

What exactly is the 'most favoured nation' rule?

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Model agencies collude to fix rates

Regulators find leading model agencies guilty of price fixing.

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Customs unions

Costs and benefits of customs unions.

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New materials

Multiple choice papers for Paper Three.

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Savings ratio

Savings ratio falls to lowest level on record.

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