Policy objective


Gender pay gap

80% of UK companies and public sectors organisations pay women less than men.

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Policy objective - definition

A policy objective is a desired outcome that policy-makers wish to achieve. A policy target is a specific level or rate set for the chosen objective. 

For example, a central bank may wish to achieve stable prices (the objective) and set a rate of 2% (the target for inflation). Policy instruments are the tools to help achieve objectives, and in order to monitor the success of a policy intervention, setting a target helps policy-makers know whether they have been successful, or not, and whether to  stop intervening, or whether to change approach.


WTO rules

What exactly is the 'most favoured nation' rule?

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Model agencies collude to fix rates

Regulators find leading model agencies guilty of price fixing.

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Customs unions

Costs and benefits of customs unions.

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New materials

Multiple choice papers for Paper Three.

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Savings ratio

Savings ratio falls to lowest level on record.

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