8 Colleges & Universities to Study Business Economics

Graphic of a typics American college

Even though many young people want to jump on the IT train, there are lots of interesting professions that can bring you as much joy, job satisfaction, and, let’s be honest, money. There are many occupations in the business and economics sectors that are often overlooked. You won’t have to be buried in a pile of paperwork and contracts all day; business can be very interesting!

Of course, before you can find the job of your dreams, you need to get relevant education and graduate. With a solid theoretical basis, you can start looking for an opening or an internship even before graduation! This will work only if your chosen institution of higher education can provide you with enough knowledge to go out there and try to enter the workforce by yourself.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of great colleges and universities that can provide you with a Business Economics degree. Students will have to work extra hard to be successful in their studies, or they can just order an essay online and not worry about homework! This diploma will be recognized worldwide, and you will also get a shot at the best positions out there.

So, are you still looking for your perfect place to enroll? Here are 8 colleges and universities to study business economics!

Harvard University

  • location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • acceptance rate: 5%

Everybody knows about Harvard. This is the school that almost every high school graduate dreams of getting into, for either business, IT, law, or any other profession. It’s always reasonable that you start training for Harvard long before you finish high school. This is among the most prestigious schools in the world, so you need to focus on your future career.

University of California Berkeley

  • location: Berkeley, California
  • acceptance rate: 17%

As you can see, your chances of getting into this institution are a little bit higher. Still, students need to spend a lot of time and effort on their grades even before applying here. Haas School of Business has extremely high rankings. Here, you can select your own major and minor according to your preferences and career aspirations. The campus is also among the best in the US!

Stanford University

  • location: Stanford, California
  • acceptance rate: 4%

Everybody knows about this educational institution that is located just outside of San Francisco. In case you are hoping to start a career in business, this might be just the place for you. Graduates can start looking for a place in government and private companies, and the diploma from Stanford University is recognized not only in the United States but also internationally.

University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

  • location: Edinburg, Texas
  • acceptance rate: 82%

As you can see from the high acceptance ratings, it’s pretty easy to get into this educational institution. But don’t let this fool you! You still need to prove that you are capable of handling the workload. It’s always recommended to use admission essay writing services for a perfect letter. Also, the curriculum is pretty strong here, so let this be your safety school on the list!

University of Chicago

  • location: Chicago, Illinois
  • acceptance rate: 7%

Another private institution on this list, which was established in 1890, is one of the most famous places to get your degree. The number of learners who want to get in is very high, as you can see from the acceptance rates. So you might want to be more prepared and use an essay writing service to get your grades up! The faculty’s reputation can speak for itself, and you can also find many reviews from graduates.

Northwestern University

  • location: Evanston, Illinois
  • acceptance rate: 9%

Some say that the Department of Economics is one of the best schools for this field on the planet. This is a private school that has two campuses across the United States and one international campus in Qatar. Apart from the curriculum packed with interesting classes, students can take part in extracurricular activities, apply for institutional aid, or pay for essay for their homework.

Claremont McKenna College

  • location: Claremont, California
  • acceptance rate: 13%

This is a part of the Claremont College that offers education in economics, business, and the social sciences. This is not a place if you want to coast through your learning process and graduate with your diploma after four years. Here, students have to work hard if they want to start a career in any business-related field, as the curriculum is pretty packed.

A graphic of a University building

Pomona College

  • location: Claremont, California
  • acceptance rate: 9%

The curriculum here puts an emphasis on economic theory, statistical analysis, and the role of public policy in resolving economic and social issues. This is an amazing school to begin your career in business economics. Students need to understand that if you want to be successful in business, you need to understand the financial and managerial sides of it.


So there you have it, 8 colleges and universities to study business economics! Almost every one of the institutions on this list is very hard to get into, so you might want to hire an essay writer to improve your GPA and focus on your studies more. But it’s not entirely impossible if you work hard and follow your dream of getting a quality education in business economics!