Global Commerce is Eased by Using Internet Proxies

Global Commerce is Eased by Using Internet Proxies


A layman may only have a little understanding of the purpose and use of a proxy server. Most people may associate proxy servers with unblocking some websites like Netflix or staying protected and secure on the internet. However, proxy servers can do much more. In this article, we will discuss the use of proxy servers in detail.

What is a Proxy Server?

A bridge, or intermediary layer, between the internet and your device is called a proxy server. A proxy server is used to process your requests on your behalf. With the help of a proxy server, all the internet traffic first passes through the proxy, which then takes you to the desired website. Then the response flows back to you with the help of a proxy, which also ensures that you always interact with the internet through the same proxy server.

In simple words, a proxy server refers to an intermediary between the user and the web server. It acts as a gateway mechanism between your device (laptop or smartphone) and the web server. 

A diagram illustrating proxy server.


A proxy server is an intermediary layer between you and the internet or between the network and the client. A proxy server hides your IP address from a third party. Due to the proxy server, no one can track your search history. A proxy server acts as a door that performs services for you by taking your message to the desired website on the destination server and then fetching output from that website for you.    

A flow chart illustrating proxy server.

Types of Proxy Servers

The following are the three main types of proxy servers:

Free Proxies

Those proxy services that can be used free of charge by those users who want to browse privately without making financial investments are called free proxies. These proxies provide basic level privacy to their users, allowing them to browse safely. These proxies provide a free solution for businesses and firms to hide their IP addresses from their competitors.

Residential Proxies

These proxies provide browsing service and route internet traffic through residential IP addresses. These IP addresses are provided by the local Internet service providers (ISPs). In residential proxies, every residential IP address is attached to a specific device, which means that these proxies are authentic and have high privacy as compared to other proxies.

Mobile Proxies

Those proxy servers that route internet traffic through mobile devices are called mobile proxies. Mobile proxies are the ones through which mobile phones are connected to their cellular networks. These proxies also use IP addresses that each mobile phone is assigned by its manufacturer.

Uses of Free Proxies

The following are some main uses of free proxies:

Basic Learning and Research

Free proxies are used by those users who are new to the proxy server. They can first go with the free proxies for basic learning and research on how proxy servers work.

Casual Browsing of Internet

These can be used by users for casual browsing of the internet without revealing personal data. Free proxies provide users with a basic level of anonymity without showcasing the user’s data.

Initial Market Surveys

Free proxies are also used by businesses to conduct basic-level research to analyse market trends in different geographical regions. These proxies provide easy access to those regions and the relevant data.

Pros of Free Proxies

The following are the two main pros of free proxies:

Easy to use

Many free proxies are designed to meet the specific needs of their customers accordingly. These proxies do not need technical expertise to use them. They are easy to use and provide a comfortable experience for their users.

Free of Cost

As the name shows, free proxies are those that do not charge any kind of fee from their users to use their proxy service, which attracts more users to use the same proxy server to browse data safely.

Cons of Free Proxies

The following are some cons of free proxies:

Slow Internet Speed

Free proxies are used by many users due to their free availability by proxy provider. This slows down the speed of internet usage for their customers. 

Security Issues

Free proxies have a low level of security as they are not as advanced as paid proxies are. These free proxies are easily accessible with advanced technologies and completely reveal the user’s information to the hackers, breaching the user privacy contract.

Less Reliability

These are not readily available all the time, due to which users feel less reliable with free proxies. Free proxies are overloaded with users, due to which they do not give pleasure to every user using them leading to a decreased reliability.

Uses of Residential Proxies

The following are some main uses of residential proxies:

Web Scrapping

Residential proxies are those proxy servers that are not easily detected by other websites. These are used in web scrapping for the collection of data without being blocked by websites.

Social Media Account Management

These proxies are used to manage social media accounts and cannot be blocked by websites because they do not breach the security measures of any platform.

Residential Proxies vs. Data Center Proxies

The following table compares the main points of difference between residential and data center proxies.

A table comparing the main points of difference between residential and data center proxies.

Differences from Other Proxies

The following points explain how residential proxies are distinct from different types of proxies:

High Trust Level

The residential proxies use real IP addresses of customers, which provide high trust. They are not easily blocked by other proxies, and do not easily reveal the browsing activities of their web users.


Residential proxies, being hard to detect, cannot differentiate from other users using local free proxies. These proxies provide a high degree of privacy to their users, allowing them to perform tasks without fear of being known.

Pros of Residential Proxies

The following are some pros of residential proxies:

Real Residential IP Addresses

These proxies consists of real residential IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that are connected to an authentic device, making it real for its users to browse data as authentic users from that specific location.

High Legitimacy

These proxies are found to be real by the websites and cannot be blocked by websites that provide constant access to different websites for a long time.

Hard to Detect

Residential proxies act as a normal proxy server because they normally route web traffic without being identified by other websites.

Reasons to Choose Residential Proxies

The following are some major reasons to choose residential proxies:


Residential proxies are expensive because of the cost associated with the real IP addresses.


Residential proxies are concerned about the privacy of their users and do not misuse the transmitted data from their residential proxy network.

Residential proxies are legal to use in any region because they are considered authentic due to real proxy IP addresses and are not blocked by websites in those areas where web scrapping is common.

Features of Mobile Proxies

The following are some features of mobile proxies:


Mobile proxies provide a high degree of anonymity to their users by using multiple IP addresses that are untraceable by websites.

Copy Real User Behaviour

Mobile proxies copy the behaviour of real IP addresses used by regular users. They cannot be easily detected by websites, whether it is a proxy or an actual user using the site.

Dynamic IP Address

Mobile proxies use IP addresses as the IP address changes as the mobile phone connects to another mobile network. This provides a real-time experience of authenticity and anonymity without being blocked by websites.

Importance of Mobile Proxies

The following points explain the importance of mobile proxies:

Adapting to Geo-Location Shifts

Mobile proxies are adapted to geo-location shifts by presenting only in one location. It allows its users from a wide range of geographical regions to browse anything anywhere and anytime.


Mobile proxies are hard to trace and detect, and websites provide high anonymity to their users.

Uses of Mobile Proxies

The following are some common uses of mobile proxies:

Ad Verification

Companies and businesses use mobile proxies to detect and evaluate their ad campaigns in different regions and devices.

Avoid Geo-Restrictions

Mobile phones can connect to different mobile networks based on their location. The mobile proxies provide a wide geographical region to collect content and analyse market trends.

Reasons to Choose Mobile Proxies

The following are some main reasons to choose mobile proxies:

High Cost

Mobile proxies are more expensive as compared to other proxy servers. These proxy servers need high maintenance costs, as the costs of mobile network data are high and mobile phones need high maintenance expenses.


Mobile proxies are more reliable because we can easily connect to multiple IP addresses by just rotating our mobile phones. Mobile proxies provide a stable connection and do not disturb browsing activities.

Ways to Evaluate Proxy Servers

The following are some ways to evaluate a proxy server:

Money-Back Guarantees

A good proxy server allows its users a money-back guarantee without pressuring long-term commitments.

Free Trials

A valuable proxy server is one that provides free authentic trials to its users so they can have a better experience browsing data through web browsers from the specified server.

Speed and Performance Tests

These tests are useful in testing and evaluating a proxy server. If a proxy server is effective, then this may not hang the website or slow down your internet connection while browsing from this server. Bandwidth is saved by compressing the web traffic and caching of files to improve speed.

Customer Support Service

A good proxy is known for its effective customer support service. A good customer support service provider is the best server to browse your data. It also provides necessary resources to its users.


In conclusion, internet proxies are very useful to route internet traffic between users and websites. By using internet proxies, global commerce becomes easier to understand because we can easily track and study market trends in different geographical regions with the use of different proxy servers. Global commerce is evolving and becoming easier to understand. Businesses also take advantage of proxy servers to understand market trends and consumer behaviour by just sitting in their offices.