CPI basket updates – 2017

This year’s readjustment in the basket of goods and services that go to make up the CPI (which contains around 700 items) has seen the removal of 8 items and the modification of a further 11 items. This adjustment is to help ensure that the basket is as representative as possible in terms of assessing the impact of changing prices on the cost of living. Updating the basket is essential in order to reflect constantly changes tastes and trends.

Brand new items added to the basket include:

  • Half chocolate-coated biscuits
  • Gin
  • Apple cider – 4 can pack
  • Cycle helmets
  • Average council tax bills (which were already in the RPI)

Items removed from the basket include:

  • Menthol cigarettes (completely removed)
  • Brake pads (removed as a separate item and bundled in with car spare parts)
  • Children’s swings (replaced by scooters)
  • Single drainer sinks (completely removed)


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