EXANTE Trading Platform: Scam or Legit? A Full Review

A screenshot of the EXANTE trading platform

Owned by XNT Ltd, EXANTE is a trademark used by several investment firms. Its global footprint spans over 20 locations and it serves clients in over 100 countries. 

This EXANTE review looks at the trading platform, its features, fees, and how to open an account.


The EXANTE brand was founded in 2011 and the trading platform is used by several regulated investment firms around the world. These investment firms are registered in the UK, Malta, Cyprus, and Hong Kong, respectively. The clients using EXANTE’s global trading platform include banks, wealth managers, and private investors. The EXANTE trading platform offers clients direct market access to 50+ markets, with over a million financial instruments. 

The investment firms offering the EXANTE trading platform to their clients are registered with various regulatory bodies and this means they operate within strict financial and ethical standards. EXANTE prioritizes safeguarding client assets and takes several measures to prevent the misuse of personal information and scam attempts. 

EXANTE has also received multiple awards over the years, including winning the Diversity Marketing & Recruitment Initiative of the Year award from The Financial Times two years in a row. 

Trading platform

EXANTE stands out as a reputable trading platform with multi-account trading and advanced reporting capabilities - which is everything advanced traders need.

With a minimum deposit requirement of 10,000 EUR for individual traders and 50,000 EUR for corporate accounts, EXANTE is ideal for seasoned investors. 

The EXANTE trading platform is available on the web, mobile, and desktop. The mobile trading platform is ideal for traders on the go, while the web version gives easy access to trading tools. The desktop version is a robust and modular trading platform that allows users to customize the platform according to their needs. There are many different trading tools and features, making the desktop version ideal for seasoned traders - plus it doesn’t rely on your browser.

The EXANTE trading platform offers traders a range of instruments, including more than 40,000 stocks and ETFs. Commissions start at 0.02 USD and these low fees make it ideal for traders to diversify their portfolios and gain market exposure. 

The trading platform enables traders to trade with over 50 currency pairs. The spreads start at 0.3 pips, providing traders with a cost-efficient way to trade. Traders can take advantage of over-the-counter derivatives to develop flexible currency strategies. Swaps and forwards are available for all currency pairs, making it easier for traders to manage risk.

The EXANTE trading platform offers serious traders access to 100% real-time prices and fast execution times, making it an ideal choice. You can access over 500 types of futures contracts, and trade on global markets like Eurex, SGX, and HKEX, all using a single-account trading model.

With the EXANTE trading platform, clients can trade over 500 funds, allowing them to monitor positions in real-time. For investors interested in metals trading, the EXANTE platform can trade gold, silver, platinum, and more. Fees start as low as 3 USD per trade. 

Trading fees

The EXANTE trading platform has a transparent fee structure and commissions only apply to actual trades. Below are some of the trading fees:

  • There is a maximum rate of 0.02 USD for stocks on US exchanges and 0.18% for European exchanges. 
  • Future and options fees for US exchanges start at 1.5 USD and for European exchanges from 1.5 EUR. 
  • Major currency pairs have a cash conversion fee of 0.25%, except for EUR/USD, which has zero fees. For all other pairs, the fee is 0.4%.
  • Shorting stocks attracts a 12% fee for the transaction as an annual rate.
  • There is a 0.3% custody fee per year for bonds.
  • There are no margin trading fees as long as the utilization is below 100%.

EXANTE’s latest fees can be found on their website here

Opening an account with EXANTE

Opening a trading account with EXANTE is straightforward and can be done online. You can choose to start with a demo account to get a feel for the platform before you proceed to open a live account. 

Once you’ve opened your account you‘ll need to upload verification documents, which will take around one business day to be verified. For individual accounts, this will require proof of identity and proof of residence. Once approved you can deposit funds and start trading. The minimum deposit for individual professionals is 10,000 EUR and for corporate accounts, it’s 50,000 EUR. 


As a reputable global trading platform, EXANTE offers its clients over a million trading instruments. It has transparent rates and commissions and offers direct market access with a single, multi-currency account. Although it has a rather high minimum opening deposit, it’s aimed at seasoned traders who are looking for an advanced trading platform with plenty of customization options.