Is It Possible to Register a Virtual Office in London Quickly?

Is It Possible to Register a Virtual Office in London Quickly?

In a world of rapidly changing technology, it is essential to have a physical location. One of the biggest benefits of this change is that a virtual office doesn't have to invest in rent or pay rent for a space. One option available to companies that want to forego a physical location is a virtual office.

Well, virtual officies in london can give you many benefits. London is one of the best places to set up a virtual office. The city is growing rapidly, taking advantage of commercial, intellectual, and social brilliance. In addition, it has an excellent geographical position.

The phenomenon of virtual offices

The virtual office serves to create a corporate image. The presence of a corporate office allows you to receive correspondence at the address of the office, indicate this address in contracts, as the address of the company's headquarters, indicate it in business cards.

The registered office (legal address) of the company, the existence of which is prescribed by the laws of offshore jurisdictions, is not a functioning office of the company. This is the address of the registered agent of the company, through which the authorities or other persons can contact the representative of the offshore company.

In other words, it cannot be used to manage the business of the company, as the office where the director of the company is located, and as the mailing address of the company. It should be noted that even the fact of signing contracts with the indication of the legal address of the company as the place of signing of the contract may serve as a basis for depriving the company of offshore status.

The owners of offshore companies often indicate in the contracts in the details of the company the legal address of the company as the address of the company's location, which is not true and misleads the party to the contract. As a result, the counterparty sends copies of contracts, invoices, and other documents to the specified address, which the company's registration agent sends to the basket.

If the owner of an offshore company wishes to receive mail arriving at the company's registered address, it is necessary to order and pay for the virtual office service, which includes the processing of incoming correspondence and forwarding it to the address specified by the owner of the company. This service is not included in the standard package for registration and maintenance of the company and is ordered and paid additionally.

An offshore company may have representative offices and branches abroad. There may also be a functioning office of an offshore company. However, sometimes there is no need to maintain a real office with employees, but it is enough to have a virtual office in a country with a solid reputation. Such an office allows you to conduct business from an office in a representative jurisdiction, as the Hoxton Mix explains.

The virtual office service includes a real address, where, when requested, they will confirm that your company is located at this address. This address is indicated in contracts, business cards, and letterheads, as the head office of the company, mail arrives at this address, where it is processed and sent to the owner at the specified address, perhaps even in scanned form.

What are virtual office services?

The virtual office service is a modern solution for efficient business management. It allows you to significantly reduce the cost of both renting an office space and paying for the staff working in it. Also, due to the organization of a virtual office, for your customers the appearance of doing business from offices in various cities and countries is created.

The service includes such features as:

  • forwarding phone calls to fixed and mobile phone numbers, to Skype, and SIP;
  • voice menu;
  • receiving faxes to email;
  • virtual fax (Internet fax);
  • recording telephone conversations;
  • answering machine.

5 reasons why you need a virtual address abroad

A possibility to buy goods in that country

The first main reason for using the mail service is the ability to order from that country's online stores at affordable prices.

Reduce shipping costs

You will be able to reduce shipping costs by consolidating several parcels in the warehouse into one and sending five orders from different stores with one combined parcel will cost less.

Protection of customs risks

All goods transported across the border are subject to mandatory customs clearance. Indeed, due to ignorance of the intricacies of working with customs, goods can be detained, in case of gross violations, or even seizure. Delivery of purchases through your address includes a free online pre-declaration check service, which ensures that parcels pass quickly, and the confidence to avoid re-exports. And, of course, a virtual mailing address saves money.

When do companies need virtual offices?

Generally, modern companies need virtual offices for:

  • opening a new company, launching a pilot project or service;
  • creating a business on the Internet;
  • remote work of employees, reduction of office staff; obtaining a legal address in a prestigious location;
  • opening a branch or representative office in another city, announcing its presence in another country;
  • participation in tenders and competitions, where the location of the company plays an important role;
  • implementation of international activities, frequent business trips, and trips of employees;
  • the need to receive mail and secretarial services;
  • the need for technical support and business services, the Internet, copying, printing;
  • work and hold meetings in a professional environment of like-minded people.

Summing it up

Virtual office providers may also host digital capital such as email, cloud storage, web hosting, and other web applications. Setting up your virtual office in London will be much more cost-effective than a traditional physical office. The most important reason many choose a virtual office is that you are paying for a good business address without paying a lot of rent.

Moreover, a virtual office in London is a less expensive and hassle-free alternative to a traditional expansion that requires a move to a larger office and even higher rent. In short, a virtual office gives you the ability to work from anywhere in the world. And the Hoxton Mix can assist you in registering a virtual office address.