How Data Engineering Can Help Online Businesses Thrive in the Digital Age

How Data Engineering Can Help Online Businesses Thrive in the Digital Age

Data is everywhere, yet nobody ever considers how much data we actually generate on a daily basis, mainly due to the development of technology. Just think about all the occasions during which you create data over the course of one typical day. Did you use your smartphone or your computer? Have you had an online meeting or done some shopping? Or have you used one of the wireless devices you have in your homes, such as Alexa, smart vacuum cleaner, or even the TV? Then you have contributed to the total amount of data present online.

But, what is the use of all of this data? Is it just released into the vast online world and never looked at again, or can it have a better purpose? The truth is that knowledge is power, the more of it you have, the more informed decisions you can make. This is extremely useful for businesses as it can help them make smarter business decisions and gain an advantage over their competitors. The only problem is that it might be hard to find the information you can use in the vast ocean of data since not all of the data generated is as useful as others.

Just think about one of your standard internet searches that provides such an information overload that you don’t know where to start. You might be looking for an explanation of why the sun is yellow, and instead, you get an article about all of the celebrities that have sun tattoos. Of course you must read it, but you won’t have much use of it. Consider how much more difficult it is to businesses considering they deal with such a large amount of necessary and unnecessary data on a daily basis? Luckily, they can use methods to comb through all these data thanks to the data engineering tools such as data enrichment. Data enrichment tools allow businesses to collect data they need from internal and external sources without going through all the unnecessary data in the process.

What exactly can data engineering do for businesses?

Data engineering and especially data enrichment helps businesses to get to know their users without having to ask the users for additional information and possibly creating user friction. They can provide you with the most important details, and data enrichment will fill in all the gaps.

Data enrichment can bring various advantages to your business, such as:

Improve the accuracy of data: It makes sure that all of the data it collects is up to date, ensuring you don’t waste your time with data that is not accurate.

Helps you save time: Just imagine how much time it would take you personally to collect all the data it can collect in a matter of seconds.

Improves cybersecurity: By gathering additional information about the users, you can verify their identity and confirm that you are dealing with legitimate users and not fraudsters. According to the FBI, the number of reported cyberattacks jumped by 800% since the pandemic; implementing proper tools can help you not become a part of the statistics.

Optimizes targeted marketing: Having the same marketing strategy for everyone does not work. By implementing targeting marketing, you will reach the right customer at the right time, and data engineering can make this process easier.

Increases customer satisfaction: It is already helping with making the process easier for customers by shortening the registration or checkout process, but it also gives the users a better experience in other aspects. By gaining this additional information, you will get to know your customers, what they want, and how to help them.

Data is an essential part of any business, but dealing with it can be overwhelming. Implement proper tools and make data engineering do the work for you.